Handmade Prairie Inspired Ceramics and Jewish Ritual Objects .

Porcelain Judaica and Tableware. Handmade & dishwasher safe. Craftsman inspired, Personalize yours with names or dates.

Two Prairie Olive mugs in porcelain. 8 ounces each. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Prairie Olive Ceramics

My work is mostly in porcelain, though I find comfort and inspiration in most any clay and ceramic processes. I have been working in ceramics since high school. Yes I was that kind of kid. Pottery class was supposed to be an easy way out of any hard learning but there I was and it was my first "A" in a class. The classic under achiever had met his match. I soon understood that perseverance would make this into an avocation worth pursuing. After 15 or so years making functional table wares and  hand made tile.  I got interested in ritual objects. To hold a favorite coffee mug is a ritual object pottery clay moment. To hold a vessel and call on our souls to remember a time of sanctity is the glue that binds the generations together. May it be a mezzuzah, dreidle, seder plate  or other Jewish ritual object ,  I am happy to make a vessel or object for you. Customized with a name or date or image you might want for your special occasion or holiday. Please contact me for pricing and timing. 

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Do you have a question about my products or my process? Send me a message, and I'll get back to you soon! Do you want a mezuzzah, want to give a gift of a pottery, Do you need some uplifting Jewish ritual objects? Let us know. I can also make custom dinnerware and drinking glasses, mugs, and candle sticks. Wall mosaics, almost anything in clay you can imagine.